Quality Control

Microbiological Tests:

1-Microbial Limit Test

2-Water Analysis .

3-Antibiotic Assay

4-Environmental Monitoring

 1-Microbial Limit Test:

For Aerobic Count (bacteria)&Fungi.

imagesSample under examination is diluted using PTW broth media then 1 ml from each dilution is inoculated into petridish(two dishes for bacteria ,one dish for fungi) then specific Media for each type of plates is poured (bacteria →TSA,fungi → SDA) then dishes are incubated (Bacteria → 2-3 days at 32 0C ,Fungi 5-7 days at 22 0C) then counted.

For pathogens Sample under examination is diluted 10-1 dilution using TB and/or LB according to sample type then incubated for 18-24 hr.at 320C then examined for microbial growth

if Turbid → identification ,if clear→ no identification 

2-Water Analysis.

Water samples are collected and 1 ml from each sample is inoculated at two petridishes then PCA media is poured into dishes then incubated at 320C for 3 days the counted.

3-Antibiotic Assay:

The same Specific dilutions from standard and Test are prepared

Media is inoculated with the specific microorganism then plates are poured and solidified and pored with corkborer.

Pores are inoculated with std.and Test preparation and incubated 18-24 hr.at 320C then measured and calculated for assay.

4-Environmental Monitoring

It is done to assess and control the microbial status of controlled Environments and preventing future Microbial contamination It is done by four Techniques

1-Swaping by sterile swaps.

2- Settled plates.

3- Finger print plates.

4- Air sampler plates.

These plates are incubated at 32 0C for 2-3 days then examined for microbial growth.


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