Factory Premises

Total site area is 10,000 sq m:

Actual building areas of 2500 sq m as a first stage started at 1172001.

Premises consist of:

    1- Human production facility expands over a total area of 1364 sq m

    2- Veterinary production of total area of 558 sq m

    3- Warehouse: Consists of 2 buildings of total area 558 sq m with height of 15 m.

    4- Instrumental, Chemical and Microbiology labs

    5- QC and QA departments

    6- Stability and R&D labs.

    7- RO station

    8- Administrative affairs offices.

2- A new project expansions (Soft Gelatin Capsule, a new Liquid Area and Sterile Area) as a second stage of 2500 sq m. started at 2013 and planned to start production at (2014:2015).