Company Overview

– UNIPHARMA  was licensed by the Competent Authorities for the Pharmaceutical manufacturing activities.

– UNIPHARMA is allowed to manufacture the following pharmaceutical dosage forms for both human and veterinary use:

1 ) Solid dosage forms:  (Tablets, capsules, dry powder).

2 ) Liquid dosage forms Oral & external : (syrup, suspensions, lotions).

3 ) Semisolid dosage forms: (creams & ointments).

4 ) Non β-Lactam  for Veterinary use ( Tablets , W.S.P) .

5 ) β -Lactam. WSP. For veterinary use( which is manufactured at 3rd  party company under Toll Manufacturing Contracts ).

– UNIPHARMA was licensed from the Egyptian Ministry of Health. (Central administration for pharmaceutical affairs).